Re: [dwm] [discuss] Tiny C Compiler

From: Sylvain Bertrand <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 15:14:01 +0200

2007/10/17, pancake <>:
> Yup, i am the maintainer of this compiler in pkgsrc since 2003.
> The projects looks like a bit stopped but I like it very much then and now.
> The scripting feature is quite cool and nice for some things like
> parsing raw structures from the shell and similar things when the
> compilation stage is senseless or molest.
> AFAIK it can compile Linux, but i didn't had a try. Maybe together with
> pcc it can raise a new lightweight C compiler era ;)
> About tcc.. i wanted to say that the assembly generated is quite
> cleaner than the GCC one. so this doesn't means to be as optimal as in GCC
> but performs quite ok and the code is clenaer.
> --pancake

A thing that would be funny to test: use tcc to compile things like
OpenOffice or Gecko based browsers. If that works, I wonder how this
software would perform. Maybe Gentoo should really think about
including it in it's C compiler suite
Fabrice Bellard is the creator of ffmpeg and qemu, then I would
recommend to keep an eye on tcc.
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