Re: [dwm] RESIZEHINTS broken?

From: pancake <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 17:10:21 +0200

> I think the following might be a good solution for 4.6 and
> later:
> - Removing the RESIZEHINTS at all - this enforces my st
> development as well. The new algorithm prevents the gaps quite
> well.

I agree. i have never found useful RESIZEHINTS. imho is useless code

> - Respect sizehints at all if they fit into the tile space
> provided and don't get smaller than the usual constraints (bh,
> 5% of screen width), otherwise fallback to ignore the sizehints.

I like to see all windows tiled to fit the whole space they can. This
is why it's called 'tiling'. Having blank spaces between windows is
strange and noisy.

The only logical place i can imagine for it is for the floating terminals.

> - If a contraint is violated before the tiling happens (e.g. too
> many stacked windows), we fallback as usual (use whole stack
> area for each window) and apply the previous behavior.

I really dislike to keep contraints when tiling. I would prefer to drop
its support. (Having it optional with RESIZEHINTS is ok, but theres some
of useless code that can be removed).

When did you find this feature useful?

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