[dwm] [patch] pertag

From: Jan Christoph Ebersbach <dwm_AT_e-jc.de>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 11:01:10 +0200

On Fri 26-10-2007 17:09 +0100, Chris Webb wrote:

> Incidentally, something else needed for consistency when implementing
> taglayouts-type behaviour is to index all the layout parameters like
> mwfact, nmaster (if you have it) and nstack/ncols/nrows (if you have
> any of them). I don't think this patch currently does this?


I've decided to abandon the taglayouts patch in favour of a more general
pertag patch.

Currently, the patch keeps layout, mwfact, barpos and nmaster (if
installed) per tag.

To make the pertag behaviour more consistent I think about synchronizing
the values if multiple tags are selected.

Jan Christoph Ebersbach
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