Re: [dwm] clientspertag status message

From: Robert Figura <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 03:15:59 +0100

Hi pancake,

pancake <> wrote:
> The other reason I find cpt useful is for using it as a enhaced
> monocle layout replacement. If we found a way to always show the
> focused window at the first position of the list we can have
> a 'scrolleable' view of a tag reducing the view to N clients per
> tag, but making the focused client always visible.
> I tried to do this patch but I was unable to find a proper way
> without using zoom(NULL) or without modifying dwm.c, coz there's
> no way to hook a callback to focusnext() and focusprev().

I came to a similar conclusion when making a monocle offspring with
focus sensibility. Shortest i found so far was:

focus(Client *c) {
+ if ( ISFOCUSARRANGE ) // for monocle
+ layouts[ltidx].arrange();

and put this into config.h:

+#define ISFOCUSARRANGE isarrange(monocle)

This will allow your layout to rearrange on focus changes.

Thanks for the idea of viewing clientspertag as a kind of reading
glass. I'm curious how it would feel like.

  - Robert Figura
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