Re: [dwm] RESIZEHINTS gone in 4.6, how to get the old behaviour?

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 15:55:39 +0100

pancake dixit (2007-10-31, 15:43):

> tired are my eyes or if i'm making a presentation I increase the font size
> to use the "10x20" one. So it's not a 3-5px's a 10-20px hole! and
> that's so much.

Still, what's the difference whether the 20px hole is *inside* the
window frame or *outside* it? It's still there and will always be. And
with sizehints you get correct terminal redraws as a free bonus (as has
been discussed a zillion times).

> btw I understand that this is a personal opinion that can't beat against
> all your opinions, so don't bother. I can continuely patching this issue
> release after release.

:) Yes, it's a question of likeing on which side of the line space is
being wasted.


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