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Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> Having said that, I think a new OS might also depend on
> completely new devices. Imagine that screens get replaced by
> headsets + eyeglasses sets or in cars with showing the UI up in
> the windscreen. Think of something like a mind-controlling
> input device for a user interface - and hence the impacts to
> the OS design with such things in mind...
> So a new OS should include some sci-fi ideas.
> Regards,
IMVHO, the writer misses the whole point.
In 1979 what was there? We all needed better OSes and they
were much simpler for a single man to write. Are new ideas
and functions strictly bound to a new OS? Non sense.

Macromedia Flash is not a new browser, just a plugin.
Still, it revolutions internet applications.
(I am still dreaming of a portable OpenGL VM for web apps)

Should we all focus on making new alternatives to Relativity,
we would make lot of "art", but it would be a waste of efforts.
We can't simply keep building new theories without exploiting
them. Revolutionary models grow once in a century.

A "new OSes graph vs time" does demostrate nothing about
the whole computer research. Just look at the "new WM graph"
StumpWM, Awm, Dwm, ratpoison, ion, wmii...

The article mentions Perl, C, C++, but there are plenty of
unknown/known non-commercial languages out there. PHP, D, E,
Ruby, Python, Java, Autohotkey, LISP, Haskell, TCL ...

I've recently seen a video from a research group who built a
3d printer which makes objects out of silicon or chocolate.

Don't you recognize the importance of what you do until a
critic comes up with: "genius!" ? Anselm, you and your (our?)
community are creating something new, fresh, a pure masterwork
in functional minimalism which is called DWM. An alternative
to the "commercial" ones which actually works better.

It's natural for a new-born discipline to have plenty of ideas.
IT was born in the half of


P.S. Mind controlled input devices are actually being
researched. But until they come familiar to us, what's
the use of a new OS based on that? And btw, they do
"write" to your brain just as much as a screen does
"write" to your visual memory. They are meant as
INPUT devices.

Mind-controlled and not mind-controlling XD
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