[dwm] rules problem with gogui

From: Lavergne Thomas <thomas.lavergne_AT_reveurs.org>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 12:03:02 +0100


I've a problem making some window not floating with the gogui apps.

Gogui[1] is an application to play and debug/develop go playing
software. It allow to have different window opens during testing to get
information from the go engine. I use some of these window like tree
viewer, shell and analyse.

The problem is that by default these window are floating and I want them
to be tiled, so I ve put some rules in config.h :
        /* class:instance:title regex tags regex isfloating */
        { "Tree", NULL, False },
        { "Shell", NULL, False },
        { "Analyze", NULL, False },
These rules corectly match and are applyed by dwm but the windows
doesn't go in tiled mode !

The strange thing is that I can make them tiled using the
Meta-Shift-Space shortkey. I could have lived with if I don't have to
restart my engine so often when debugging, and each time I restart it
the windows are recreated and I must retile them.

Does anyone have an idea ?


[1] gogui.sourceforge.net
  You don't have to install it, just uncompress it and run gogui in the
  bin directory. To one of the problematic windows go in Tools menu and
  choose Tree viewer.

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