[dwm] DWM as a front end for a test machine

From: Amit Uttamchandani <atu13439_AT_csun.edu>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2007 01:22:29 -0800

Hey guys,

I am preparing a presentation that would introduce a full Free Software Linux system as a test machine for testing network devices. Right now, our company is using windows based system with software such as HyperTerminal (yeah I know), FileZilla ftp/ssh, firefox+bugzilla, tftp server.

After using DWM, I realize Windows XP or even Mac OS X for that matter are very inefficient for these kinds of testing (multiple windows open at once). So I am planning to propose DWM on top of a simple Debian Etch system. Here are the ideas I plan to put out:

 * DWM has multiple "desktops" (a.k.a tags)
  - tags could include: bugzilla, syslog, com1, com2, ftp/ssh client, etc.
 * Tiled mode provides a very effective work environment when working with multiple applications at once.
 * DWM is lightweight, secure, and fast...

I plan to do some comparisons on the cluttered XP desktop compared to an efficient DWM desktop.

Any other ideas or thoughts on getting this to be successfully implemented?

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