[dwm] Xpdf open dialog resize

From: voltaic <voltaic_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2008 16:23:46 -0500

I am having a little trouble with the Xpdf open dialog. When the dialog
window opens initially, everything looks normal. When I navigate into
directories that contain long filenames, the open dialog resizes itself to
accommodate this change. As the resizing happens a portion of the window
becomes blank and the dialog is unresponsive. If I wait a few seconds, which
seems like an eternity, the dialog resizes itself and everything is back to
normal. This is probably an Xpdf bug, but I'm wondering if anyone else is
having this issue.

At any rate, I find it annoying that the dialog needs to resize itself. To
get around this bug/behavior, I have tried to get the dialog to be a tiled
window. I can get the open dialog tagged correctly, but it always shows up
as a float. Here's what I get out of xprop:

        Xpdf:openDialog_popup:Xpdf: Open

And here's what I have set as a rule in config.h:

        { "Xpdf:openDialog_popup:Xpdf.*", "doc", False },

I have tried several variations without success. What am I doing wrong?
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