[dwm] I miss regex and what is the "right" way to apply geometry at startup.

From: John A. Grahor <jag_AT_techma.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 19:39:02 -0400

I just downloaded 4.8 and I'm generally pleased. I like the new H-Tile
and geometry handling.

I know Anselm asked if anybody cared whether regex was deleted and I
didn't reply so I guess is should hold my peace now;) But my problem
isn't really with the lack of regex but with the fact that where before
the rules processing would work with a string of the form
"class:instance:title", now it works with each of class, instance and
title independently, searching each one for the rule string.

I have certain X clients that only set the title (to something arbitrary
and unsearchable) and leave class and instance unset. I want these
clients to be floating (when my default layout is tiled). With the old
scheme I could put a rule in like "::.*" and it would catch all clients
with no class or instance and float them. I can't do that anymore, or
at least I haven't figured out a way to do that yet without patching dwm.c

At the moment comment in config.h is not correct:

  Rule rules[] = {
     /* class:instance:title substr tags ref isfloating */

since you can no longer specify a colon separated string.

I would suggest building colon separated string before searching the
rules like was done before or tokenizing the rule string on colons.

On a separate subject, is there a way to apply non-default geometry
settings at start up without editing dwm.c and changing setdefaultgeoms.
  What I want to do is reset setgeoms in config.h but I don't know how
to make that happen. Or can setdefaultgeoms be redefined in config.h?
I don't think so.

Anyway, good on you for another fine release.

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