[dwm] firefox rendering issues

From: Scytrin dai Kinthra <scytrin_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 12:54:43 -0700

This problem occurs after dwm has started, if I switch out of X to a
virtual terminal and then switch back. All firefox instances, FF2 or
FF3, seem to lose all their fonts.
Spacing still occurs according to the application settings. The
underscores under the hotkeys for menu entries are still there. Images
on the page are unaffected. Nothing else seems odd. Just no letters
(that aren't in images) show up in firefox.

dwm is the only wm I currently have setup on my laptop so I have not
had the chance to see if it's a problem only occurring with dwm or
not. Nor do I regularly run any other gtk apps, so I don't know if
it's firefox or gtk. I'll be running through a few different setups in
the coming days to see where the problem might lie, but I wanted to
see if anyone else was having a similar issue.

My setup is on ArchLinux, using an abs build version of dwm 4.8 or 4.9
(vanilla sources plus an altered config.h). The version of firefox
does not seem to matter. On a thinkpad t61 using the intel xorg

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