Re: [dwm] snapping bugs with multiple screens

From: Matthias-Christian Ott <>
Date: Mon, 05 May 2008 16:03:42 +0200

hiro <> wrote:

> Polls are stupid.

There is this stupid idea called democracy (just in case you heard of
it) and I tried to establish just a tiny fraction of it here in the dwm
development process. Shame on me!

> All these recently added features seemed to me as if they are rather a
> matter of popularity, not sanity.

So go on. What's so insane? Go to LKML if you want to experience

For me it the dwm development process seems to be kind of fair, Anselm
mainly tries improve dwm based on the needs (and patches) of the people
here on the mailing list unless they don't interfere with the
development philosophy.
So it's with the possibilities of the project (of course not everyone can
have access to the main repository, but we use mercurial and therefore
it's no problem you can maintain your own branch).
But due to the development philosophy of dwm you can't make everyone
happy and integrate every feature.

> Dwm got off course and needs some clear objectives again!

Well, it's your turn - list your critique here and I think it won't be

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