Re: [dwm] snapping bugs with multiple screens

From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 13:17:21 -0400

> Yes, of course. And this has to be discussed (with a certain "framework"
> of course - you can't come along and expect someone to integrate cairo
> or so). And this is why we have to make clear what exactly sucks less.
> I mean the term itself suggest that we're not developing software on a
> solid basis and have to make the best out of it.

Yeah, well, we have this framework. We even used to have gods
punishing people who suck too much.

> > Recently there were all these changes with monocle and xinerama; And
> > of course things get more difficult this way, so i would have
> > respected i.e. not including such features at all.
> Well, this depends on your viewpoint, more precisely what you consider
> superfluous and what not. For some people xinerama and monocle may have
> been a great improvement for a relatively small amount of source code.

Yes, exactly, this is ultimately dependant on my viewpoint. And it has
nothing to do with whatever it would be an improvement or not.
At this point I have *not* said anything against the feature yet.

> Well, X11 is a monster and really sucks. All we do here is to tame it so
> it doesn't eat us. We have to make the best out of it.
> Certainly everyone agrees that X11 should be replaced, but this takes
> time and needs people. And because we have none of these resources, we
> have to stick to it.
> I mean do you think GNU/Linux is the holy grail of operating systems?

I don't really care about X11 and my only real use of GNU is viewing
multiple rickrolling videos at the same time, of course in tiled
windows, non-overlapping.

> The aim of dwm is to be simple, small and clear, but sometimes you have
> to make trade-offs. And I think in this case multiple monitor support
> was a relatively good trade-off.

And you are measuring the value of trade-offs in lines of codes. That
does not in any way help objective decisions.
If there is a feature, which one decides to support, probably because
of it's big value, one should not make any more trade-offs but fully
support it.
This can of course be made in an other branch.
The current state is, in my view a really bad compromise (Nichts
Halbes und nichts Ganzes).

> You don't do polls in fashion - normally it's unconsciously communicated
> dictatorship.

Fashion is better described with democracy than dictatorship.

> Well and in politics (at leat in Germany) you don't do polls very often
> (usually every four years).
> [Just by the way.]

The results of the polls are still bad, that's also no real point.

> It works usually that way on the mailing list, doesn't it?

I don't think so. It's still a discussion you want.

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