Re: [dwm] EWMH code would enable some code cuts

From: Alexander Polakov <>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 16:43:13 +0400

* Henrik Holst <> [080506 02:30]:
> I think an implementation of EWMH would make it possible to remove the
> dwm panel (the one that reads stdin and displays it) from dwm code base.
> In that way dwm would be smaller (or maybe just break even) and more
> symmetric with how dmenu is fitted to the equation today. It would also
> allowe the user to choose whatever kind of "panel" he or she wants. That
> is an escape and dpanel (or some other name maybe) would not have to be
> counted in the ridicules 2 kloc limit. :P

Adding _initial_ EWMH support will cost about 200 LOC. You can get rid
of all fonts and drawing stuff in turn.
The problem is that it feels unnatural to the tags approach. And to
achieve dwm's statusbar (including tagbar) functionality one needs to
extend Extended Window Manager Hints even more, adding something like a
_DWM_SELTAGS atom and others to handle toggleview(), toggletag(), etc.
And you need to write a panel supporting this extended-extended
non-already-standard. And plus dzen for stdin processing.

Alexander Polakov
Received on Tue May 06 2008 - 14:42:14 UTC

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