Re: [dwm] [patch] domax (was: Documentation!)

From: yy <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 17:11:07 +0200

2008/5/17 Anselm R. Garbe <>:
> We did similiar work today ;)

Yes :) I'm very happy with your last changes.

>( -- I'd like to see your domax
> patch as patch against the most recent hg tip.

Attached, now it is even better, because it doesn't let you to
move/resize windows while in domax. But it lets you to zoom windows,
maybe you want to change this.

> The reason why you don't receive the enternotify events in
> zoom() is because of restack() which performs the following
> loop at the end:
> XSync(dpy, False);
> while(XCheckMaskEvent(dpy, EnterWindowMask, &ev));
> I recommend doing it this way, instead of counting enternotify's
> because it enforces our focus policy much cleaner than all this
> quirky enternotify counting in other WMs.

I have tried it this way, but there are 2 problems:
1. If RESIZEHINTS is True you can focus the other windows if you move
the pointer to the bottom of the screen, which is annoying.
2. The maximized window is resized when you move the pointer to the
bar window, causing some flicker.
So, I came back to the check in enternotify(), but feel free to find a
better solution.

> Kind regards,
> --
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