Re: [dwm] Documentation!

From: Kurt H Maier <>
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 12:53:05 -0500

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 12:38 PM, Steffen Liebergeld <> wrote:
> I completely disagree with you. First of all, your pen and paper equations
> are used only one time and that is when you do the equation. Afterwards you
> throw the paper away and go with the results. When programming, you have to
> make sure that the code is read- and understandable when you get back to
> it. What makes good code is how fast you can grasp its workings when first
> reading it (when you read your code after a year of not touching it, it is
> like the first time you encounter it). And it is not a good thing to have
> short variables and document them somewhere else. Have you ever heard of
> the Single Point Of Truth (SPOT) rule? If not, read that:

ESR doesn't code enough for me to care about his proclamations. Sorry
for the bluntness, but it's true. Human-readability is not the only
criterion for code quality. As long as each variable is explained
somewhere -- which these are -- then there's no reason to

> I completely disagree with you (again). How about laptops? How about those
> nifty small laptops like the eeepc? Multihead-setups are useful, and should
> be supported (or at least there should be ways to implement support
> easily).

I don't know about you, but my laptop only has one screen built into
it. Other window managers are better suited to cover weird-ass corner
cases like "people whose monitor configuration changes on a daily
basis." If you insist on using dwm in these cases, the right solution
in my opinion is to compile one binary for each screen configuration,
with appropriate layouts included in each. This is much simpler than
crufting up the trunk because you bought a laptop with a bad screen.

# Kurt H Maier
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