Re: [dwm] Freedom (was: Re: sic ipv6 patch)

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 14:03:08 +0200

On 5/20/08, hiro <> wrote:
>> What do you think about the freedom to remove the freedom from the code?
> cut any other's freedom. On the other hand everyone could use your
> code, and noone would even notice. It does *no* harm to others.

sure it does
if i start selling dwm for money then it can make harm (economically
and game theoretically)

> I could understand if you were fighting for real freedom, but this is
> an imaginary fight about intellectual nonsense.

i don't get your point here

there are many possible attitudes and strategies with respect to
software licensing and it's absolutely not trivial which one to chose
to achieve a goal (or which goal to prefer).

eg. GPL is one possibility which were discussed.

it is perfectly justified to talk and reason about the consequences of
certain licensing schemes.

> Code has no freedom. people in society want to be free, but the code
> doesn't mind. It is just letters and stuff. neither free nor unfree.

imho noone talked abut the freedom of code but the freedom of people
using that code.
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