Re: [dwm] way towards 5.0

From: Jan Christoph Ebersbach <>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2008 20:13:30 +0200

On Mon 19-05-2008 18:30 +0200, Rockwolf wrote:

> I too think the floating layout is necessary. But if you don't like
> it, you can always turn it of in the config. I really like this
> config.h stuff, you can throw out anything you don't like ^^ and only
> if no-one likes it, it might be worth completely removing it, but like
> I said, floating layout seems necessary to me (for pop-ups or badly
> programmed graphical apps as fir as I use those)

No doubt about the usefulness of the floating layout. I was just
criticising the few functionality for floating windows (maximization in
all directions, resizing, moving). In fact I decided to get rid of the
tiled layout as default for any window.

The following rule makes every window floating by default and I'm free
to set the few windows in tiled mode that really have to be there. To me
it's far to nerve wracking to have broken apps opening their windows in
tiled mode and later on trying to figure out the necessary rules
parameters to make them floating by default.

Rule rules[] = {
    /* class instance title tags ref isfloating */
    { NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, True },

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