Re: [dwm] beta dwm-5.0

From: Rockwolf <>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 22:34:11 +0200

I didn't know some people here actually like using the mouse :)
I like it best when I can do everything with the keyboard. Everything
besides browsing 'some' websites, playing games and using The Gimp.
Woah, I just found out you can click on the [] on the left of the bar in
dwm-4.9. It removes the bar ^^
But I still prefer Mod4+b
a mouse is not ergonomic. It is a pain to use.
If there was a decent browser around that could work with the keyboard
only (like a combination of links2 and firefox with the vimperator
plugin) then I would be all set.

On Mon, 26 May 2008, pancake wrote:

> i would also like to see the buttonpress patch in mainstream.
> For me, the titlebar must handle mouse clicks to call certain actions
> and be able to hook each of the buttons to the mouse would be cool.
> btw, at work i have a mouse with >5 buttons and it's quite nice for some
> stuff, so hooking these events to different actions in dwm looks quite
> interesting for me. And hooking them to be only usable in the statusbar
> takes sense because is the only unsensible piece of screen.

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