[dwm] dwm sloccount through the time #3

From: markus schnalke <meillo_AT_marmaro.de>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 16:32:42 +0200

Hoi community,

I updated my dwm-sloccount-graph creating script.

First, it was not possible to run it on another machine with
mercurial-1.0, which has no 'strip' command :-?
However, I used `update -r <rev> -C' instead, which seems to be better

Second, I added display of the dwm release numbers, for which I was
curious about. Some numbers are a bit hard to read, but I haven't
found a better solution for that ATM. Suggestions welcome.

Here is the data:
website: http://prog.marmaro.de/dwm-meillo
script: http://prog.marmaro.de/dwm-meillo/dwm-sloccount-v2.sh
picture: http://prog.marmaro.de/dwm-meillo/dwm-sloccount_r1302.png

have fun


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