[dwm] patch to store layouts per tagset

From: Christoph Schied <Christoph.Schied_AT_uni-ulm.de>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 14:12:23 +0200




this patch against current hg will add the following features:

- store the layout for a specific selection of tags. all tags tegsets
that havent any stored settings will use a globallayout
- layoutcolors in the statusbar will be inverted when the tagset is saved
- define layout settings for specific tagselections in config.h
- shows all windownames in the statusbar (this is nice for the maximized
layout, as you wouldnt see there are multiple windows on that tag
otherweise). that stuff is a little bit messy, id like to see
suggestions how to make that better. it uses a defined maximum length
for the title, and if the length of all windownames gets too long, the
title will not be drawn.
- sending signal USR_1 to dwm lets dwm reexec its binary, so you can
update dwm without restarting X
- only the selected tags will be shown. if some tag recieves a highlight
it will be shown too (in a different color)

i can seperate this to multiple patches if wanted :)
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