Re: [dwm] Being not so elitist

From: Antony Jepson <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 10:47:28 -0400

On 2008-07-29, Alexander Polakov wrote:
> Who cares? cares about code quality, not public relations.
> I found out once that more elitist community is *always* more heplful
> then polite and friendly one.
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> Alexander Polakov |

I agree. Don't ask us stupid questions and we won't play stupid games.
The elitism is what attracted me to dwm in the first place. Don't let a
single person rock the boat because this boat has fared a lot more than
a simple splash. I do not see why people think elite has a negative
connotation - it does not. To me, elite refers to the _capabilities_ of
the people using dwm not the _type_ of person they are.

I say keep the sentence on the dwm homepage. It makes a statement and a
clear one at that.


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