[dwm] dvtm suggestion

From: Christian Garbs <mitch_AT_cgarbs.de>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 10:33:11 +0200

Hi there,

I'm starting to use dvtm an a 17" TFT on a virtual console rather than
on my tiny b/w serial terminal. It's even better than before :-)

I've just had this idea, which I don't really need but perhaps it's an
idea to toy around with:

What about the ability to run different dvtm instances on different
virtual terminals that share a common "session"?

This could be seen as the tag/workspace concept. You could detach a
window on /dev/tty1 and reattach it in your other dvtm on /dev/tty3.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that in order to get six
workspaces you'd have to log in manually six times on different
consoles. Or perhaps there is a getty out there that supports


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