Re: [dwm] dwm: request to discuss

From: yy <>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 18:51:19 +0200

Just to show you (and all the people who come here asking for
workspaces from time to time) I have attached a config.h with a
workspaces implementation. It hasn't been tested very much, but I
think it works.

Now you can change workspace with Mod+Tab (and Mod+Shift+Tab) or with
the mouse wheel on the tags.

But as I have told in my previous message in this thread I think this
is over complicated. You will probably have problems to remember what
the different workspaces are (since you will probably modify it), and
you will finish changing your tags and layout instead of going to
another workspace.

Anyway, I think it is a good reference to have in the ml. If somebody
uses it, please report me any problems because I'm going to add it to
the wiki (maybe this weekend). Though I won't maintain it for future
releases, as I told IMO this is not a good idea, but it is a good
example of how easy is to extend dwm.


- yiyus || JGL .

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