Re: [dwm] [Offtopic] minimalistic filesystem ncurses viewer

From: Jack Woehr <>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 12:31:27 -0700

markus schnalke wrote:
> [2008-12-27 11:48] Ian Daniher <>
>> What's wrong with midnight commander? It's an oldy but a goody.
> This too, but worst is its usability. The keystrokes are a real mess.
Unless you know them all from doing them over and over again :)

My IDE for Java web app development is:


Of course I've written a lot of scripts and mc F2 menu entries
and even an m4 mode for jedit.

In the mainframe world, there's a development env / filer called
ISPF <>. It's old-style terminal
oriented, so it's all nested number
menus. You can nest down easy in one entry, e.g., entering gets you to feature 6 of feature 5 of feature 2, etc ...

All the ISPF hacks know the whole tree, and can tell you,
"Oh, you want to do so-and-so? That's just and then when
you're done, a ..."

So I get where 'fm' is coming from, because I've been there!

PS The 'suckless' philosophy is my favorite programmer's riff
in the last ten years. Keep up the good work. Living in dwm
on OpenBSD, programming is fun again.

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