Re: [dwm] dio-0.1.3

From: yy <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 20:03:17 +0100

2009/1/2 Christoph Lohmann <>:
> You are recreating acme(1) with less features.

Maybe, acme is probably the user interface which has inspired me more
in the last years. OTOH, using acme (or libframe, I don't know very
much about the internals) would probably be the right way to implement
these artifacts. I would give it a try if it was possible to open acme
windows in different X windows.
Anyway, I do this only for fun (and because I wanted a simple mp3
player), and replacing acme is out of my scope. dio is much more
modest software than acme and, in simple words, much worse. It is only
a toy, to experiment with my (sometimes stupid) ideas.

- yiyus || JGL .
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