[dwm] bash script for managing wireless connections

From: Ian Daniher <it.daniher_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 18:45:16 -0500

Hello dwm community!
In the honor of the recent plethora of code hitting the mailing
list, including the helpful dclip, I decided to share my wifi manager.

Passionately disliking network manager but still needing some way
of juggling WEP and WPA keys as well as multiple access points for
multiple locations, I wrote a script that allows for the use of CSV
profiles as well as all commonly used forms of encryption.

This "wifi" script is the culmination of several revisions and
pieces of code. Designed to provide an easy way to handle wifi
connections, it can use either dmenu or arguments to select a
profile. Profiles are stored in csv(comma-seperated value)
format in $HOME/.wifi. An example profile file is included for
reference. The code is very easy to read and is fairly solid,
but as I'm a new coder, there may be areas that are slightly
less elegant than they could be. Suggestions, comments, and
questions are appreciated!

To use the dmenu interface, execute the script with no args.
If the first argument is the name of a profile, the script
will use the information and attempt to associate to the AP.
If the first argument is not the name of a profile but is
present,the script will try and use that for the name of an AP.
Ian Daniher

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