Re: [dwm] + youtube downloader scripts

From: Ian Daniher <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 01:45:22 -0500

Hi All,
Perhaps my first 'release' was premature. In testing I found
a rather atrocious bug which rendered my script useless with some
youtube videos.
I just completed a partial rewrite and have tested it with great success.

UGETURL=$(curl -s $1 |grep fullscreenUrl)
SPLIT=`echo "$URLPARAMS" | sed -e 's/&/\n/g'`
video_id=`echo "$SPLIT" | grep video_id=`
t=`echo "$SPLIT" | grep t=`
echo $URL

The bug came from having the positions or "t" and "video_id" hardcoded via awk.
By splitting "URLPARAMS" and grepping for "t" and "video_id", the script can
extract the information necessary no matter where it is located.

As for setting up a hotkey in w3m, I got distracted from
the manpage by my bugfix but I'll post to the mailing
list as soon as I have it figured out.


Ian Daniher
On 1/6/09, bill lam <> wrote:
> How to configure w3m to use this youtube-dl ? That is not mentioned in
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