Re: [dwm] dwm for win32 - bug.n NEW version (3.5)

From: <>
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2009 10:27:46 +0100

I have created and uploaded a new version of bug.n (3.5).

With this version I splitted bug.n in three parts to get the source code more organized and to allow the use of the tiling window management functions as a standalone script.
* bug.n (tiling window management)
* brew (tagging)
* mule (status bar)

Furthermore I added the following features and solved some minor problems:
+ The border color of the active window can be set independently from the windows theme setting (in case the user cannot alter the theme) allowing to distinguish the active window, if the title bars are hidden.
+ Hiding the title bars is optional.
+ The borders can be hidden preventing the user from resizing the window at the border.
+ The zoom function is now reversible allowing to shift a window from the master to the stacking area and back.
+ When changing the tag, the active window now changes.
+ mfact is saved per tag allowing different sizes of the master area on different tags/views.
+ Window sizes and positions are saved from the floating state and therefor are reapplied, when changing to the floating layout, making a window floating or exiting bug.n.

For further information, please see the bug.n description and bug.n help.

# bug.n 3.5 Executable
# bug.n 3.5 AutoHotkey source
# bug.n standalone 1.0 AutoHotkey source
# brew standalone 1.0 AutoHotkey source
# mule standalone 1.0 AutoHotkey source

Greetings, joten
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