[dwm] wiki location changed

From: Anselm R Garbe <garbeam_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Mar 2009 16:13:21 +0000

Hi there,

those of you who contributed to the wiki in the past, please note that
the new URL of the wiki repository (which has to be cloned freshly
again) is as follows:

hg clone http://sandbox.suckless.org/hg/sites

The online preview wiki is broken atm and will be back up and running again on



As you will notice the web site http://www.suckless.org has been
migrated to werc. Please bare in mind that the migration work is still
ongoing, though any contributions to the wiki are welcome (mails to
wiki_AT_suckless.org are issued for changes from this location now).

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