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From: markus schnalke <>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 16:41:00 +0100

[2009-03-11 16:10] yy <>
> 2009/3/11 markus schnalke <>:
> >
> > yyyy/mm/dd is not worst but still worse than yyyy-mm-dd.
> >
> > The latter one is a standard, and it is usable in filenames.
> >
> > Think about it.
> I'm thinking about it, but really, if slashes are not the standard FS
> in dates we are probably living in different worlds.

We live in one world. You may have probably noticed that there are
cultures/countries that use different separators. (In my case it's
Germany that uses

However, the dash-separated is the standard that has the great
advantage to finally solve the problem of different formats that all
use slashes but have their fields differently ordered.

> OTOH, a
> yyyy/mm/dd structure is convenient to organize months and years in a
> tree structure, i.e. directories

If yyyy/mm/dd depicts a path, I agree. Anyway, in this case it's the
only way, as slash separates files in a path.

But to show a date in other situations one should use yyyy-mm-dd to
avoid all the confusion the slash-formats cause, to large parts of the

Standards are to stick to, if they are good. I see no reason why
ISO 8601 is bad ...


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