Re: [dwm] Suckess Code Management

From: Leonardo Taccari <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 21:43:40 +0100

o wm: dwm-5.4.1, of course (main workstation and Eee PC)
o shell: NetBSD's ksh(1)
o file manager: cd, cp, mv
o text editor: vi (NetBSD's nvi)
o todo: a simple text file ~/TODO
o code management: cvs
o terminal manager: tmux (Eee PC), dvtm (main workstation)
o web browser: firefox3 or (recently) midori, elinks (especially when
editing wiki)
o mail: mutt, fdm, msmtp
o multimedia: mplayer
o graphics: feh, gimp
o games: wesnoth, prboom, uqm and eject(1) :-)

Ciao, Leonardo

 Leonardo Taccari | Peace, love and NetBSD. |
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