Re: [dwm] Suckess Code Management

From: Alan Busby <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 15:50:14 +0900

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 3:19 PM, Amit Uttamchandani

> So if you need to work on let's say around 5-6 source code files along
> with constant references to external files such as pdf's, etc. you have
> multiple tabs in a terminal or multiple shells open and use that to
> navigate the file system? Also if you had to copy between files between
> multiple directories...isn't there a lot of "typing" going on?

To answer your questions

1. All the source files would be open in emacs, likely split screen.

2. All pdf's would be open in different instances of xpdf in a "stack" of
windows to the side of emacs. Same for firefox, e-mail, etc if it relates to

3. I usually have a couple terminals open, for any number of reasons; and
navigate the filesystem with "cd f<TAB>sc<TAB>", "cd -", etc. Terminals are
good for more than just navigation since they can be running make, gdb,
tcpdump, git, etc...

4. To copy files, use "cp" mixed with "ls", "find", "grep", "xargs", and
bash commands when useful.
Example, $find ~/music | egrep -i 'beatles|nirvana' | grep -i 'mp3$' | xargs
-i mv -n {} ~/favorite_tunes

> isn't there a lot of "typing" going on?

Er, not really. How much effort would it be to find and consolidate every
beatles and nirvana song in a huge directory structure via tuxcmd?
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