Re: [dwm] daily ed usage

From: Stefan Kuttler <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 11:19:01 +0100


> > Texteditor = ed
> You really do all your editing with `ed'?
> If so, then I have great respect!

> Modifying small files like `.hgignore' with `ed' is no problem, but I
> could not manage to be efficient and productive when working in larger
> files like `dwm.c' or latex sources.
> I'd like to hear your experiences. (In a separate thread.)

Sorry for the late reply, I was busy recompiling ed :-P

Usually I like to use ed because it's really fast and exact.
Of course I use vi(m) too and hate ed(itor) wars.

> The software I use:
[your answer here]


btw, hope to see you all at CLT

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