RE: [dwm] [idea] mwm - minimal/minimun/monocle window manager

From: Leandro Chescotta <>
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 09:56:43 -0300

Some quick and dirty ideas for the name:
 SWM like "Simple Window Manager" or "Suckless Window Manager"
 SDWM "Stripped DWM" or "simple dynamic window manager"
 FSWM "Full Screen Window Manager"
 MOWM "MOnocle Window Manager"
 XTWM "X Tiling Window Manager"

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I could not stop thinking of this concept since I read this post.
Mostley because I have fooled around with ratpoison a bit the last
weeks. So tonight I sat down and tried to realise some of the ideas
with dwm-5.5 as foundation. It is almost only cut'n'paste from the
source and removing some parts.

I have kept mwfac because I think i maybe nice to have a layout where
the screen is split into two sections (just realised I should have
kept zoom() then). Floating layout is still there because I think it
is nice to be able to handle floats and apps like gimp in a flexible

Client numbering is a bit screwed up to. This because clients are
added to the list of clients in a fifo fashion and I have not figured
out how to change this behavior. Do I need to change booth attach and

And I hope I have not screwed up in some licensing manner.

Here it is I some one would like to check it out.

Rickard Gustafsson

On Sun, Apr 26, 2009 at 9:11 PM, Leandro Chescotta
<> wrote:
> minimal/minimum/monocle window manager, this come to my head today, when i
> meet antiwm this is like dwm, but
> with no tags, no bottom bar, no layouts, more like ratpoison, the thing is
> that i tryed ratpoison and antiwm, and it lacks a couple of things, so, i
> see that suckless have wmii, stripping down there is dwm, and why not a
> smaller one like a suckless antiwm... mwm! :) this are the things i think
> mwm need...
> - no tags, only a "list" of opened windows, that you can cycle with one
> keybinding or Alt+number
> - no bottom bar, just the window list that you can show/hide
> - no layouts, only a monocle-like one, and a floating "layer" for
> mplayer/feh/gimp
> - lol, an arch linux AUR package with the config.h ready to customize the
> few font/colors/keybindings/apps
> maybe this is not worthy, but i like the idea, maybe you too, maybe is like
> getting dwm code and strip it down a little, only, maybe not...

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