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From: yy <>
Date: Fri, 15 May 2009 17:38:51 +0200

2009/5/15 pancake <>:
> A friend of me is writing a pkgsystem that builds everything inside a chroot
> and allows to create a full usable distribution, the pkgsystem itself is not
> yet finished, but is pretty fast , written in C and shellscript and I really
> think it is a good project. But actually it is a single-man project. We can
> use this project as a tool to build the base system.
> Actually i'm happy with arch linux, but, i really miss a non-gnu linux and
> minimalistic distribution. We should get a look on alternatives for glibc
> (google one? uclibc? ..) but maybe the biggest rock we will face it will be
> the X server...this is probably one of the interesting projects to work on,
> but without keeping the X compatibility. (just as an emulation layer) X11 is
> bloat. (as we have already discussed, we can reuse the drivers of xorg) but
> designing a better and simpler API. But this is probably a long topic to
> talk about, and we're of course not the first ones to claim for an X11
> replacement.
> --pancake

I'd like to agree with you, and I would be glad to help in such an
effort, but it would not give me any real benefit. There is a suckless
alternative to GNU: Plan9. If I still run (arch)linux is because I
often need things like a full featured web browser, pdflatex, the
gimp, or ardour, for example, so I will need all the gnu-x-crap
anyway. The same thing happens with that pkgsystem: it looks good, but
what I really need from a pkgsystem is pre-packaged software, IMO
compatibility with pacman (or any other widely used pm) would be
better. But if you - or anybody else - go for it, every iniciative to
remove GNU from the world has my vote. I have also listened good
things about, but have not tried the real
thing myself.

- yiyus || JGL .
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