[hackers] [dvtm] Default command mapping changes

From: Ross Mohn <rpmohn_AT_waxandwane.org>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2015 14:15:10 -0400


In an effort to bring more attention to the dvtm project, I'm working on
some additional documentation. In the process, I've done a full review
of all the default command keys and would like to propose the below
changes to the defaults. These are probably appropiate for dwm as well,
but since I no longer use that application, I'll leave that to someone
else to propose.

First, the killclient and quit commands are very desctructive and too
easy to press by accident with sometimes disasterous results. Because of
this, I propose that the key presses be doubled to the following, to be
sure that they are intentional.

    killclient MOD+x+x
    quit MOD+q+q

Next, I'd like to have the incnmaster and setmfact defaults changed.
This also allows the easy mapping of two additional commands: one for
putting all windows into the master window (incnmaster("99")), and the
other for resetting nmaster back to 1 (incnmaster("1")). Using '>' and
'<' for setmfact is also consistent with resizing the width of windows
in Vim.

    incnmaster("+1") l
    incnmaster("99") L
    incnmaster("+1") h
    incnmaster("0") H
    setmfact("+0.05") >
    setmfact("-0.05") <

The last group might be the most contentious, but I think they make more
sense than the current mappings. Currently, setlayout(fullscreen) is
mapped to 'm' for monocle, and I propose to change it to 'o' for only
(as it is in Vim). Also, setlayout(tile) is currently mapped to 'f' for
default and I propose to change it to '=', which is reasonably
consistent with Vim's mapping. This also matches the tile character in
the default tiling icon '[]='. If these are objectionable, I could also
live with 'f' for fullscreen and 'm' for master+tile.

    setlayout(fullscreen) o
    setlayout(tile) =

Please let me know what you think. I hope that these changes can make it
into the master branch so that I can include them in my documentation.

Thanks! -Ross
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