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Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 11:16:01 +0200 (CEST)

commit 3e7e1e96440dc0e0034eb5071a71de3bcb1e463a
Author: FRIGN <dev_AT_frign.de>
AuthorDate: Sat Sep 12 22:52:33 2015 +0200
Commit: sin <sin_AT_2f30.org>
CommitDate: Mon Sep 14 10:15:55 2015 +0100

    Fix fallocate(1) manpage
    To be honest, I had a little misunderstanding of the fallocate(1)-
    It turns out that it only adds preallocated space if the length
    exceeds the size of an already existing file.
    No truncation happens.
    Thus, I fixed the wording accordingly.

diff --git a/fallocate.1 b/fallocate.1
index 2fad8d2..d0fb01b 100644
--- a/fallocate.1
+++ b/fallocate.1
_AT_@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
-.Dd September 11, 2015
+.Dd September 12, 2015
 .Os ubase
 .Nm fallocate
-.Nd reallocate files
+.Nd preallocate files
 .Op Fl o Ar num
_AT_@ -11,17 +11,17 @@
 .Ar file ...
-if necessary creates and reallocates each
+if necessary creates and preallocates each
 .Ar file
-resulting in expansion or truncation.
+without truncation.
 Given the filesystem supports
 .Xr fallocate 2 ,
-it is a very fast method of reallocation.
+it is a very fast method of preallocation.
 .Bl -tag -width Ds
 .It Fl l Ar num
 .Ar num
 .It Fl o Ar num
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