[hackers] [scc] Fix letter for UINT8 || Roberto E. Vargas Caballero

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Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 22:03:38 +0200 (CEST)

commit df5327e68efa1e828b1d032307f060375ee6421e
Author: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <k0ga_AT_shike2.com>
AuthorDate: Thu Sep 17 21:40:24 2015 +0200
Commit: Roberto E. Vargas Caballero <k0ga_AT_shike2.com>
CommitDate: Thu Sep 17 22:02:28 2015 +0200

    Fix letter for UINT8
    This type had the same letter that members, so the
    parsing was ambiguos. We have changed the letter
    from 'M' to 'K', which is a good reminder for

diff --git a/cc1/tests/test006.c b/cc1/tests/test006.c
index 33f375e..04ef3e3 100644
--- a/cc1/tests/test006.c
+++ b/cc1/tests/test006.c
_AT_@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ output:
 test006.c:6: warning: conditional expression is constant
 test006.c:8: warning: conditional expression is constant
 test006.c:11: warning: conditional expression is constant
-G1 M c
+G1 K c
 G2 F1 main
_AT_@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ L2
         j L5
         j L6 #I1
- j L7 G1 MI #I0 =I
+ j L7 G1 KI #I0 =I
         y #I1
         j L8
diff --git a/cc1/tests/test013.c b/cc1/tests/test013.c
index 857c86b..92a40f4 100644
--- a/cc1/tests/test013.c
+++ b/cc1/tests/test013.c
_AT_@ -7,9 +7,9 @@ comments: This test depends of the configuration in the type system.
 G1 I a
 G2 N b
-G3 M c
+G3 K c
 G4 C d
-G5 M e
+G5 K e
 G6 W f
 G7 Z g
 G8 Q h
_AT_@ -21,9 +21,9 @@ G12 F1 main
         G1 G2 NI :I
- G1 G3 MI :I
+ G1 G3 KI :I
         G1 G4 CI :I
- G1 G5 MI :I
+ G1 G5 KI :I
         G1 G6 WI :I
         G1 G7 ZI :I
         G1 G8 QI :I
_AT_@ -31,50 +31,50 @@ G12 F1 main
         G1 G10 :I
         G1 G11 NI :I
         G2 G1 IN :N
- G2 G3 MN :N
+ G2 G3 KN :N
         G2 G4 CN :N
- G2 G5 MN :N
+ G2 G5 KN :N
         G2 G6 WN :N
         G2 G7 ZN :N
         G2 G8 QN :N
         G2 G9 ON :N
         G2 G10 IN :N
         G2 G11 :N
- G3 G1 IM :M
- G3 G2 NM :M
- G3 G4 CM :M
- G3 G5 :M
- G3 G6 WM :M
- G3 G7 ZM :M
- G3 G8 QM :M
- G3 G9 OM :M
- G3 G10 IM :M
- G3 G11 NM :M
+ G3 G1 IK :K
+ G3 G2 NK :K
+ G3 G4 CK :K
+ G3 G5 :K
+ G3 G6 WK :K
+ G3 G7 ZK :K
+ G3 G8 QK :K
+ G3 G9 OK :K
+ G3 G10 IK :K
+ G3 G11 NK :K
         G4 G1 IC :C
         G4 G2 NC :C
- G4 G3 MC :C
- G4 G5 MC :C
+ G4 G3 KC :C
+ G4 G5 KC :C
         G4 G6 WC :C
         G4 G7 ZC :C
         G4 G8 QC :C
         G4 G9 OC :C
         G4 G10 IC :C
         G4 G11 NC :C
- G5 G1 IM :M
- G5 G2 NM :M
- G5 G3 :M
- G5 G4 CM :M
- G5 G6 WM :M
- G5 G7 ZM :M
- G5 G8 QM :M
- G5 G9 OM :M
- G5 G10 IM :M
- G5 G11 NM :M
+ G5 G1 IK :K
+ G5 G2 NK :K
+ G5 G3 :K
+ G5 G4 CK :K
+ G5 G6 WK :K
+ G5 G7 ZK :K
+ G5 G8 QK :K
+ G5 G9 OK :K
+ G5 G10 IK :K
+ G5 G11 NK :K
         G6 G1 IW :W
         G6 G2 NW :W
- G6 G3 MW :W
+ G6 G3 KW :W
         G6 G4 CW :W
- G6 G5 MW :W
+ G6 G5 KW :W
         G6 G7 ZW :W
         G6 G8 QW :W
         G6 G9 OW :W
_AT_@ -82,9 +82,9 @@ G12 F1 main
         G6 G11 NW :W
         G7 G1 IZ :Z
         G7 G2 NZ :Z
- G7 G3 MZ :Z
+ G7 G3 KZ :Z
         G7 G4 CZ :Z
- G7 G5 MZ :Z
+ G7 G5 KZ :Z
         G7 G6 WZ :Z
         G7 G8 QZ :Z
         G7 G9 OZ :Z
_AT_@ -92,9 +92,9 @@ G12 F1 main
         G7 G11 NZ :Z
         G8 G1 IQ :Q
         G8 G2 NQ :Q
- G8 G3 MQ :Q
+ G8 G3 KQ :Q
         G8 G4 CQ :Q
- G8 G5 MQ :Q
+ G8 G5 KQ :Q
         G8 G6 WQ :Q
         G8 G7 ZQ :Q
         G8 G9 OQ :Q
_AT_@ -102,9 +102,9 @@ G12 F1 main
         G8 G11 NQ :Q
         G9 G1 IO :O
         G9 G2 NO :O
- G9 G3 MO :O
+ G9 G3 KO :O
         G9 G4 CO :O
- G9 G5 MO :O
+ G9 G5 KO :O
         G9 G6 WO :O
         G9 G7 ZO :O
         G9 G8 QO :O
_AT_@ -112,9 +112,9 @@ G12 F1 main
         G9 G11 NO :O
         G10 G1 :I
         G10 G2 NI :I
- G10 G3 MI :I
+ G10 G3 KI :I
         G10 G4 CI :I
- G10 G5 MI :I
+ G10 G5 KI :I
         G10 G6 WI :I
         G10 G7 ZI :I
         G10 G8 QI :I
_AT_@ -122,9 +122,9 @@ G12 F1 main
         G10 G11 NI :I
         G11 G1 IN :N
         G11 G2 :N
- G11 G3 MN :N
+ G11 G3 KN :N
         G11 G4 CN :N
- G11 G5 MN :N
+ G11 G5 KN :N
         G11 G6 WN :N
         G11 G7 ZN :N
         G11 G8 QN :N
diff --git a/cc1/tests/test014.c b/cc1/tests/test014.c
index 1b6839c..b0a42a9 100644
--- a/cc1/tests/test014.c
+++ b/cc1/tests/test014.c
_AT_@ -12,14 +12,14 @@ test014.c:22: warning: 'par' defined but not used
 test014.c:27: warning: 'par' defined but not used
 test014.c:29: error: incorrect storage class for file-scope declaration
 G1 I a
-Y2 M b
+Y2 K b
 X3 I c
 G5 F1 func1
 A2 I h
-T3 M i
+T3 K i
 R4 W j
 X5 I k
 T6 Z a
diff --git a/cc1/tests/test018.c b/cc1/tests/test018.c
index 9de7feb..b7953ca 100644
--- a/cc1/tests/test018.c
+++ b/cc1/tests/test018.c
_AT_@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ F1
 G1 F1 main
-V2 M #4
+V2 K #4
 V3 V2 #2
 A4 V3 arr
 A6 P p
_AT_@ -15,15 +15,15 @@ V9 I #4
 A10 V9 v
         A6 A4 'P :P
         A8 A4 'P #P4 +P #P3 +P :P
- A4 'P #P4 +P #P3 +P _AT_M #M2 :M
+ A4 'P #P4 +P #P3 +P _AT_K #K2 :K
         A10 #I2 :I
- j L12 A4 'P #P4 +P #P3 +P _AT_M MI #I2 =I
+ j L12 A4 'P #P4 +P #P3 +P _AT_K KI #I2 =I
         y #I1
- j L13 A6 #P4 +P #P3 +P _AT_M MI #I2 =I
+ j L13 A6 #P4 +P #P3 +P _AT_K KI #I2 =I
         y #I1
- j L14 A8 _AT_M MI #I2 =I
+ j L14 A8 _AT_K KI #I2 =I
         y #I1
         j L15 A10 #I2 =I
diff --git a/cc1/tests/test021.c b/cc1/tests/test021.c
index e9187a0..7868d89 100644
--- a/cc1/tests/test021.c
+++ b/cc1/tests/test021.c
_AT_@ -8,13 +8,13 @@ F1
 G1 F1 main
-A2 M uc
+A2 K uc
 A3 C sc
- A2 #MFF :M
- A2 #M23 :M
- A2 #M1 :M
- A2 #M1 :M
- A2 #M41 :M
+ A2 #KFF :K
+ A2 #K23 :K
+ A2 #K1 :K
+ A2 #K1 :K
+ A2 #K41 :K
         A3 #CFF :C
         A3 #C23 :C
         A3 #C1 :C
diff --git a/inc/cc.h b/inc/cc.h
index d85f0fd..384b787 100644
--- a/inc/cc.h
+++ b/inc/cc.h
_AT_@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ typedef unsigned bool;
 #define L_INT16 'I'
 #define L_INT32 'W'
 #define L_INT64 'Q'
-#define L_UINT8 'M'
+#define L_UINT8 'K'
 #define L_UINT16 'N'
 #define L_UINT32 'Z'
 #define L_UINT64 'O'
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