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Date: Sun, 1 May 2016 10:16:28 +0200 (CEST)

commit 52e017b923f37eb749a619329b3ac2874d53245e
Author: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>
AuthorDate: Sun May 1 10:16:16 2016 +0200
Commit: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>
CommitDate: Sun May 1 10:16:16 2016 +0200

    zdiv.3: rationale for truncated division
    Signed-off-by: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>

diff --git a/man/zdiv.3 b/man/zdiv.3
index 869e384..99faf53 100644
--- a/man/zdiv.3
+++ b/man/zdiv.3
_AT_@ -25,6 +25,14 @@ gets
 It is safe to call
 .B zdiv
 with non-unique parameters.
+.B zdiv
+rounds toward zero because this is what you expect
+from the C programming language and is most often
+what you want to do when rounding downwards. Note
+however, this is not the same things as floored
+division which is used in some programming languages
+and some libraries.
 .BR zdivmod (3),
 .BR zstr (3),
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