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Date: Sun, 8 May 2016 03:10:14 +0200 (CEST)

commit 74ea3e6334d149e278e128b84c64edc7d543d34e
Author: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>
AuthorDate: Sun May 8 03:10:05 2016 +0200
Commit: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>
CommitDate: Sun May 8 03:10:05 2016 +0200

    Fix small error in refsheet
    Signed-off-by: Mattias Andrée <maandree_AT_kth.se>

diff --git a/doc/refsheet.tex b/doc/refsheet.tex
index 502bed2..7680629 100644
--- a/doc/refsheet.tex
+++ b/doc/refsheet.tex
_AT_@ -121,10 +121,10 @@ Unless specified otherwise, returns are {\tt void} and all parameters are of typ
 \textbf{Marshallisation} \\
 \entry{zsave(a, b)} {Marshal $a$ into $b$} {returns \size{} number of saved bytes,}
-\cont {{\tt b} is a {\tt void *\_t}}
+\cont {{\tt b} is a {\tt void *}}
 \entry{zsave(a, NULL)} {Get marshal-size of $a$} {returns \size{}}
 \entry{zload(a, b)} {Unmarshal $a$ from $b$} {returns \size{} number of read bytes,}
-\cont {{\tt b} is a {\tt const void *\_t}}
+\cont {{\tt b} is a {\tt const void *}}
 \textbf{Number theory} \\
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