Re: [hackers] [dwm][PATCH] fix lost focus issues when current window is fullscreen

From: Sören Tempel <>
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2016 18:20:38 +0200

On 26.07.16, Hiltjo Posthuma wrote:
> Below is my suggested patch, lemme know what you think and if it works
> correctly as I described:

I tested your patch. It works as described, however as I outlined in the
other email I think that the approach is somewhat counter intuitiv but
in the end it fixes the issue as well.

However, your patch doesn't fix the other issues fixed in my patch. For
instance: When your current window is fullscreen you are still able to
focus a different window (e.g. using Alt+J) but due to the fact that
your current window is fullscreen you can't see which window you
selected even though keyboard input is now directed to that window. I
figured that it would thus be a good idea to disable the selection of a
different window while your current window is in fullscreen mode. What's
your opinion on those changes?

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