[hackers] issues with 6.1 and single_taglist

From: Allan Lindsay <allan.lindsay01_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 23:22:09 +0000


first time caller. have been using dwm for about eight years, and 6.1
for a couple years. bought a new monitor today and it worked
out-the-box. i wasn't very happy with the multi-monitor behaviour though.

came across single_taglist. tried to patch it, got some chunk
rejections. single_taglist's readme informed that it was a very
intrusive patch that would probably break other patches. figured that my
other, previous patches (and manual dwm.c rewriting) were interfering
with it.

downloaded stock 6.1. same rejection problem - in each case, the last
chunk. looked at the two diffs offered by the 'clean_patches' github,
same problem. (well, one had the identical problem, the other broke on
almost everything.)

am fairly familiar with c, and messed around with my dwm.c for a couple
of hours, but only once did i pass 'make', and then that was really,
really broken.

have since gotten single_taglist working on 6.0, but do want 6.1.

looking for (roughly in order of convenience, though i'd take any of them):

a. a working stock 6.1 with single_taglist already patched;
b. a way to patch single_taglist into 6.1;
c. a dwm.c that won't break on the patch;
d. a working 6.1 with single_taglist and other patches, which i can
remove if they don't suit my workflow; or
e. an explanation of the manual changes i need to make to dwm.c to get
have single_taglist patch correctly.

can provide more information about the chunk i'm falling over with, if
that's helpful. would also really appreciate any general thoughts about
why this is proving so difficult.

with thanks,
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