Re: [hackers] [dmenu][PATCH] fix a bug introduced by e2a2805 that that ignores composed characters

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2018 14:02:44 +0100

> > Ah, could you provide a test-case for this?
> It stops input from IME, and I tested the status returned from
> XmbLookupString was XLookupChars.

Which IME method are you using?
I confess I don't use IME and didn't think about testing it, but now I
did with fcitx and while it seems to work for most other programs, I
can't spawn it with dmenu with or without the changes you're

Could you provide me with more details about your setup so we can
reproduce the issue?

> > This may solve the introduced regression, but introduces a new
> > bug.
> Indeed, how about initializing buf to '\0'.

There are several ways to do it.
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