Re: [hackers] Polybar status support

From: Abdullah <>
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2019 15:26:26 +0500
I can use bash for that. But don't you think it will use more resources? Previously I had been using such scripts for polybar modules and they were using much resources. I recently moved to polybar internal module for pulse audio and is way better than bash scripts. And polybar works only if I do 'override redirect=true' so that's why I was asking to modify dwm.c . Without that polybar is launched as a window and occupies whole monitor if nothing else is opened in the tag. Plus the module/script won't work like we won't be able to do left click on tags thus joining them in one. 

On 03-Oct-2019 3:00 PM, Teodoro Santoni <> wrote:


2019-10-03 10:31 GMT+02:00, Abdullah <>:
> Polybar isn't working with dwm. Can someone write a patch to make it work
> with
> dwm? I'm not good at C. I have made it work with ewmh patch but still I
> can't
> click on tags in polybar. They are just there. I think we have to reserver
> some
> space in dwm.c for polybar to make it work.
> Thanks,
> Abdullah

If you're good at any language you could provide a module to polybar
that would use ewmh for reading and dwmc or dwmfifo patches or xdotool
or wmctrl to switch tags.

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