[hackers] [quark] Thoughts on CGI and authentication?

From: José Miguel Sánchez García <soy.jmi2k_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2020 20:52:27 +0200


I'm currently serving my static webpage with quark. I want to add some
CGI, but the opinion here about CGI support in the server is pretty
low. I'm trying to update the basecgi patch, but the latest changes
adding interruptibility seem to complicate the design (the goals of
these two are kinda opposite to what CGI does right? I mean, these are
about memory-bounded operation and CGI scripts can generate
arbitrarily long data, which must be known before even generating the
response header). I have no experience with HTTP whatsoever, so I want
to hear better-informed opinions ;)

About authentication, I think it is a pretty useful feature. I'll
investigate how to implement it properly (abusing file system
ownership/permissions, through a table of auth realms in config.h,
command line parameters... Again, I'd like to hear more opinions) and
upload it as a patch. Is it interesting enough to include it upstream?

Best regards.
José Miguel
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