Re: [hackers] [quark] http: fix default index serving

From: Quentin Rameau <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 19:12:30 +0100

> Dear Quentin,
> I took a look at the archives[0] and have merged it in [1], however,
> changed it into an else-case (to make it not depend on the fallthroughs
> in the if only) and changed the mime-check so the mime-type is matched
> against the docindex-path.

I would prefer that you keep rightful authors of patches instead of
changing the style a bit and committing in your own name.
This isn't respectful of contributors and seems to be a recurring issue
with you.

If you want to change the style, you can discuss it with the authors,
and amend the commit before pushing instead of doing that.

I would prefer that you revert the commit, and do it properly (which
would be good as it would also be explained in the development history).

> The http_prepare_response()-function is pretty messy, especially in
> regard to stale data, which this bug is also based on. I'm working on
> making it more resilient by splitting the discrete sub-problems into
> separate functions.

Yes, but that's also partly due to the style, these are no
“fallthrough” cases, there are early returns, and it's easier to read
them as such instead of putting them into if-then-else blocks

> Thanks for finding this issue and your patch! I must admit that this
> issue slipped past me because I only checked quark's behaviour with
> "curl -I", which effectively masked this problem.

Yeah, but it clearly shows an unexpected server-side early connection
close otherwise, which is what led me to find the problem!

> With best regards

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