Re: [hackers] st][PATCH - proper escape sequence for CTRL+HOME

From: Jeremy <>
Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2022 07:49:21 -0800

On 02/28/22 09:27PM, Dave Blanchard wrote:
> On that note, regrettably it will be necessary for me to fork this project, if for no other reason than to properly comment it, so that its functionality can be understood and easily modified. It's a shame that such a nice little program is marred by its total lack of commentation, along with poorly chosen function and variable names. The use of tabs in the source code isn't particularly desirable either, IMO.

There's probably a good argument to be made in favor of some other
formatting style; you just need to make it.

I felt similar regarding the commentation at first, but then I read
through DVTM & found that what st was doing was self evident.

> Overall, I like the 'suckless' initiative. I'm sick of all the bloat in the Linux world. My distro is built to be light weight, simple, and fast. 'st' is proving to be a nice addition, and a good starting point for building something even better. Looking forward to integrating more of your code into my system as I spend more time exploring your different projects, and the useful patches you've provided. Thanks for your work.

If you really wanted to dab on st, you could have just
- removed the `-l` argument
- simplified ttywriteraw
- suggested that st shouldn't be scheduling for modem lines
- offer minicom as an alternative for those lead astray

But clearly you're too retarded to make a decent critisism like that. ;)

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