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Update wmii FAQ

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 Further dependencies are:
 * `xmessage` - A standard part of most X11 installations.
-* [dmenu](/programs/dmenu.html) - A simple menu program.
 ### I've just installed the new snapshot but something doesn't work.
-Remove all old configuration files and install again.
+Please remove all old configuration files and install again.
 ### OMG, how come there's a massive border at the bottom of my terminal!?
 Your terminal has asked to only be resized in certain
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 table of default key bindings.
 ### How do I move a window to a different view?
-Just retag it. Tag it `a+b` to let it show up on both views, `a`
+Just retag it. Tag it `a+b` to let it show up on both views `a`
 and `b`. Or, you can tag with `+b` to make the window appear on the
 `b` view without removing it from existing views.
 ### How do I enable tabbing?
 Tabbing has been replaced with stacking. Press `$MODKEY-s` to
-set a column to stacking.
+set a column to stacking. If you want to hide the titlebars of
+collapsed windows in a stack, run
+ wmiir xwrite /tag/sel/ctl colmode sel +max
 ### How do I get information about a specific client window?
 In general, that's the job of X applications like `xprop`,
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 ### How do I set a background image?
 Use third party tools like `wmsetbg` (from WindowMaker), `qiv`,
-`feh`, `xv`, `xloadimage`, `bsetbg` (from `blackbox`), etc. If
-the used program is not capable to set the `_XROOTPMAP_ID`
-property hint, then the background has to be set before `wmii`
-is executed. Else you can put the command after the `xsetroot`
-call in the `wmiirc` file.
+`feh`, `xv`, `xloadimage`, `bsetbg` (from `blackbox`), etc. You
+can do this from your `~/.xinitrc`, or your `rc.wmii` or
+`wmiirc` files.
 ### How do I define clients to be floating _and_ having a certain tag?
 You simply write a rule into your `/tagrules` file:
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     $MODKEY+LeftMouse moves a window.
     $MODKEY+RightMouse resizes a window.
-### I just installed wmii and MOD+a/p don't work.
-These shortcuts rely on dmenu and dmenu's command line options have recently changed.
-Until the rc files or dmenu is updated, you'll have to [adjust the dmenu command line](http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.window-managers.wmii/2587) in your rc files manually.
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