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 Post your ideas for students projects during [Google's Summer of Code
 2009][1] here. See the [FAQ entry][2] on the ideas list for further details.
+The listed ideas generally require good knowledge in C and experience with
+Unix-like operating systems. Their severity ranges from low to medium.
+An academical background in computer science is usually not required.
+Students with very low severity projects are encouraged to work at
+least on two projects in order to stay fair to other students with more
+difficult and labor-intensive projects, although this seems to be not
+required by Google.
+Please consider to contact us first if you want to apply for a project,
+so we can discuss the ideas at first and avoid misunderstandings in the
+first place.
+Once st and libgt are released, existing programmes may be ported
+or preferably written from scratch. The focus should be on important
+programmes, such as a text editor, E-Mail client or web browser.
+Unix utilities
+Although there have been several attempts to replace GNU coretutils on
+GNU/Linux by smaller counterparts, no suckless collection POSIX-compliant
+utilities exits. Existing solutions could be evaluated and reused if
+Port dwm to Microsoft Windows
+Many dwm users who have to use Microsoft Windows regularly have to port
+dwm to Microsoft Windows. There are several tiling window managers but
+unfortunately the majority are proprietary software.
+At the moment there is no suckless display manager for X11 thus a new
+dynamic display manager (`ddm`) should designed and implemented.
+Comprehensive code audit
+All software hosted at suckless.org should undergo a comprehensive
+code audit. This includes search for vulnerabilities, verification of
+all algorithms, proof-reading of the documentation and possibly code
+clean-up. The result should be a report on all found errors and maybe
+some advice for the project maintainers. This task requires experience
+in this field.
 [1]: http://code.google.com/soc/
 [2]: http://code.google.com/opensource/gsoc/2009/faqs.html#0_1_ideas_5167658354380897_772
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